Herbie, Patty, Ian and Danny Pearthree say "Greetings Friend!"

Pearthree & Gerkens at Glacier National Park
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In Memory of my brother Jim (Steve) Pearthree

The Boys and I Like Adventures

Our yard is an adventure.
We have a swing where you fly as high as the sky, Peter Pan loves it.
Birds, rabbits, squirrels, lizards, snakes, and lots of bugs live here.
When it rains, we have waterfalls.
We make rainbows.
We plant pretty flowers all over, to touch and smell.
We dig because we like the smell of the dirt, and the worms and crawlie things we find.
And we pretend alot...

The woods are a great adventure.
We find flowers and name them.
We make dams and bridges at the stream.
We find animals and bugs everywhere.
We listen to animals talking to each other, we heard turtles barking.
We find walking sticks the beavers made for us.
We climb trees and mountains.
We dig in the dirt.
We make forts.
And we pretend alot...

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